We provide Consultancy and Training services designed to improve results. Our unique Methodology and on-line Tools ensure optimum Return on Investment (ROI).



More than 200,000 Trained professionals and more than 2,000 Instructors teaching our Methodology.

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Using our own Competency Management System, we Structure and Pack Knowledge systematically.

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Optimization of Operational Processes and Hiring Processes for the human resources departments.

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Our proven Methodology allows us to measure the ROI (Return on Investment) in each one of our projects.

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Training Companies & Individuals

We combine the latest Adult Learning Best Practices psycho-pedagogy with our own instructional tools.

These tools, designed by our own Team of Educational Psychologists, Specialists in Workplace Behaviour, are based on 3 industry standards:  advance organizers (Ausubel), Taxonomies (Bloom), Andragogy (Knowles), achieve spectacular training results in adult learners:

  • Shorter training sessions
  • Faster assimilation
  • Immediate application
  • Greater retention
  • Intuitive processing of Knowledge

The ABC’s of  Latam’s Methodology


Psychopedagogy – Meaningful learning

We actively combine 3 motivational knowledge areas: “How to Do it”, “Want to Do it”, “Able to Do it”.


Our Own instructional teaching technologies

Living virtual classrooms combining effective methodology and confidence boosting self-esteem, ensuring efficiency in the reception, storage and application of knowledge.  Dynamic hands-on practice with 100% real case scenarios simulated in the classroom.


Cultural Variables

Every culture establishes its own system of power, types of relations and processes of decision making. Global leaders must know them all.



Our Methodology structures the work of all employees according to a Functional Map.

According to specific management objectives for each position, we develop the different Functional Competence Units (FCU) required.

We create an overall architecture of competencies and design curriculum for every FCU composed of:

  • Instruction manuals
  • Question Banks for FCU Testing
  • Competency Evaluation
  • Additional Training Material

Customized content development

Our curriculum designers are specialists in developing user-friendly Instruction Manuals, Learning Modules, Question Bank Testing, assessment and evaluation.  For this purpose, we rely on our skilled team of educators and editors.  We design the curriculum to meet the specific requirements of every client, paying strict attention to their own look & feel.

HR Consulting Services: RECRUITMENT

One of the key steps for successful training is the selection process.  Knowing how to identify which profiles are the most apt can save up to 80% on the investment in training.

Latam Training has the tools and systems required to make the recruitment process completely successful.

Example of Emotional Competencies Diagnostic Test:

  • Receptivity 40%
  • Aggressivity 60%
  • Understanding 40%
  • Adaptability 20%
  • Self control 60%
  • Tolerance to frustration 50%
  • Combativity 90%
  • Dominance 40%
  • Security 50%
  • Activity 40%
  • Sociability 60%

Project Training Management