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¡You will be a Fiber Optic Installer!

Fiber Optic Technician Online Course

¿Why is it interesting for you?
You’ll be capacitated to work in any Telecommunication Company.

Our technicians have been recognized with FTTh Council International awards:

What do you get with our course:

1. Fiber Optic Technician Online Course:

  • The 10 Modules of our Fiber Optic Technician Online Course.
  • + de 30 practical videos, simple and fun.
  • Support from our Fiber Optics Professors.
  • 24h Virtual Campus for studying and socialising in the time that you prefer.

2. We will help you Find a Job:

  • When you pass the course, you’ll be included in our Job Center, updated with the job offers of the biggest Telecommunication Companies in the world. We will then get in touch with you when there’s an offer that suits your profile.
  • Job orientation Services, in the which we will help you to prepare your CV, presentation letters, and Job Interviews.

In the moment you pass the course, you’ll receive your Latam Certified Diploma, that will guarantee that you are a Fiber Optic Technician.

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The course taught me the Fiber Optic Technician profession. I’ve  had excellent teachers, and now I’m working installing and repairing Fiber Optics network. 

Joan Carles Maronda, 46 y.o. - Latam Online Fiber Optics Student

Former job: Electronic Technician

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